Take your idea from launchpad to liftoff with StartPad.


StartPad Programme

StartPad helps you turn your business idea into a reality by guiding you through the start-up process.


Let us guide you through the process of starting a new business.


Find out the best ways to accomplish those often confusing tasks


Answer simple, easy-to-answer questions to build your business plan


On completion you'll be ready and fully prepared for your launch

Our goal is simple - to encourage more people like you to enjoy the thrill and benefits of starting your own businesses, by helping you through the pre-launch process. And we do this - free!

Often, people do not consider starting up in business because they believe it's too difficult, too expensive, they don't know where to start and they don't know where to find support.

What if you had a checklist of tasks needed to launch a new business? An easy-to-follow blueprint that shows you everything you need to know and do to launch your business? Wouldn't that be helpful! That's exactly what StartPad is, although we go a LOT further than this.

What's involved?

Once you've created a free account (by the way, StartPad is 100% free throughout), you'll be presented with a series of modules, including Discovery, Research, Registration, Finance etc, which contain a series of lessons/tasks.

Chris Haycock & Fay Easton

Each of these lessons is designed to move you closer to the launch of your business. StartPad will give you all the information, tools, and resources needed to take that extra step towards launch. This will include tutorials, videos, downloads, documents, books and advice from business pros. At the end of each lesson just tick the checklist of tasks to complete it, and move onto the next.

Unlike some programmes, there is no set timescale for completion. Whether it takes you two days to complete or two months, you can complete it at your own pace, in your own time, for a stress-free experience.

As you progress through the programme, you'll be asked a series of questions relating to each lesson. These questions are pretty clever, because what they're doing is building your Business Plan as you move through the lessons and modules. The answers to your questions are saved to your unique Business Plan, which you can view, edit and download at any time.

Who is it for?

Some of Britain's best ideas - and entrepreneurs - are still waiting for the right moment to launch their idea. If you think you're in this category, then StartPad is for YOU.

Business owners come in many ages, genders, races and abilities, but they've all gone one thing in common - they've taken the bold decision to start running their own business.

Welcome to Britain's startup boom. Every day in the country, 1,000 people are seizing control of their lives and creating their own destiny - and their own wealth, embarking on a low risk journey and creating lifetime earnings for themselves.

Is it for you?

If you can answer 'yes' to the following questions, then the chances are that StartPad is perfect for you:

You've got a business idea but don't know where to start

You're ambitious, and willing to invest the time into your future success

You've got a spare hour or two a week to learn

Ready for success?

In just ONE MINUTE you can be starting an exciting and rewarding journey towards starting your own business. Click on the 'Join Programme' button below to get started right now:

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Programme Contents

Once you've joined StartPad you'll be able to complete the programme by making your way through 8 'modules', starting from Discovery and taking you all the way through to Launch.


  • 1   Introduction
    How to use StartPad to go from idea to launch in easy-to-follow stages.
  • 2   Complete your profile
    Complete your profile so that you can make the most of our service.
  • 3   Are you up for it?
    Being an entrepreneur is demanding. Are you up to the job?
  • 4   Do I have a business?
    Will your business idea support you and your family?
  • 5   What's your Big Idea?
    Define what your idea is about, and how it will make money.
  • 6   Define your goals
    What do you want to achieve? Are your goals achievable?


  • 1   Create an elevator pitch
    Define what your business will do in one, short sentence.
  • 2   Create a persona
    Describe your perfect customer to make your marketing more effective.
  • 3   Market research
    Find out how your product or service meets the needs of the market.
  • 4   SWOT analysis
    Let us show you how to create a SWOT analysis to help improve your business.
  • 5   Business plan
    Your essential roadmap to making your business successful.


  • 1   Business structure
    Decide which business structure suits you best
  • 2   Give your business a name
    Get your name right and it will stick in the minds of your customers.
  • 3   Decide your team structure
    Fill in missing skills gaps with co-founders or team members.
  • 4   Insure your business
    Avoid future difficulties by getting insured before you start trading.
  • 5   Licence to trade
    Find out whether you need to obtain a licence - essential for some trades.
  • 6   Company registration
    Register your company with the relevant authorities (HMRC & Companies House).


  • 1   Marketing plan
    The framework of an effective marketing plan (it's not just strategies).
  • 2   Know your competitors
    Deep competitor research techniques will give your start-up the edge.
  • 3   Company Image
    A professional company logo and name can make all the difference.
  • 4   Business stationery
    Getting your first business cards and letterheads is a huge step.
  • 5   Understanding sales
    How you handle sales enquiries and customers is crucial.
  • 6   Get visible online
    In the digital age, a business website is absolutely essential.
  • 7   Social media
    Connect with your target audience by building social media profiles.
  • 8   Manage your customers
    Your customers need looking after so they come back to you again.
  • 9   Understand online sales
    Understanding how the online sales process can work for your new business.


  • 1   Determine your pricing
    How much will you be charging, and how much profit you expect to make.
  • 2   Business banking
    Open a Bank Account and keep your finances separate from personal.
  • 4   Cashflow forecast
    A cashflow forecast will help you determine your financial needs and help you to meet your targets.
  • 5   Raising finance
    Initial cashflow is essential to get you up and running in the early stages.
  • 5   VAT registration
    If you expect your turnover to be in excess of £82,000 you need to register for VAT.
  • 6   Auto Enrolment
    If you employ people, you need to provide them with a pension scheme.
  • 7   Hire an accountant
    Why you should consider outsourcing your accounting to a professional.
  • 8   Accounting software
    Choose a software package to manage your finances and invoicing.
  • 8   Understanding tax & PAYE
    Tax, National Insurance and PAYE doesn't need to be a complex subject.
  • 9   Payment Processing
    Set up your systems so that you can take payments from your customers.


  • 1   Workplace location
    Where you decide to work is crucial for the success of your new business.
  • 2   Employing your team
    Who will be working with you to achieve your goals?
  • 3   Workplace regulations
    Adhere to health and safety regulations if you are employing others.
  • 4   Telecommunications
    Handle your customer enquiries professionally and efficiently.
  • 5   IT equipment
    Important IT infrastructure that will give your new business a kick-start.
  • 6   Miscellaneous equipment
    Essential furniture pieces to create a comfortable, functional smart office.
  • 7   Software
    Useful software that will help you to run and manage your business.


  • 1   Join Enterprise Nation
    Connect to a network of entrepreneurs & small business advisors.
  • 2   Chambers of Commerce
    Joining your local chambers of commerce brings additional benefits.
  • 3   Relevant training
    Skills up to scratch? How 'upskilling' can grow your business.
  • 4   Join National Enterprise Network
    A unique membership body that provides independent, impartial advice.
  • 5   Get mentoring help
    Mentors help you to determine the best strategies for your business.
  • 6   Get networking
    Why networking is crucial to business growth (and how to do it right).


  • 1   Business directories
    Listing your startup in a business directory can create brand awareness.
  • 2   Search Government contracts
    Find opportunities to sell your products/services to the public sector.
  • 3   Advertise
    An overview of advertising for the new business start-up.
  • 4   Press release
    How to use press releases to gain publicity from journalists.
  • 5   Build your brand
    Now you're up and running, it's time to build your brand.
  • 5   Create a newsletter
    Keep in regular contact with your customers by growing an email newsletter.
  • 6   Forge partnerships
    The single fastest way to accelerate growth in your company.
  • 6   Look for growth
    Take the next step in growing your business and look for opportunities.